Chris Colaneri and Event Percussion 

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Singing Bowl Sound Baths

Cheryl and Chris Guided Meditation: Library Series  

Many people bring home souvenirs when they go on vacation. When I went to Sedona, Arizona I brought back a new modality for sharing meditation and mindfulness. When I was out there, a friend of mine told me about signing bowls and how they can be a method for healing and relieving of stress and pains. I took a session with her and was hooked right away. 

This type of meditation is a holistic approach to healing with sound vibrations. This is the perfect experience to have if you are looking to decompress, clear emotional blocks mentally or spiritually. This will not replace the use of traditional medicine. I have found that everyone has their own unique experience that is driven by what their intentions are. Some clients have come to me just for an hour escape from the world, others came to me to open up their chakras. I have had reiki training and I apply it to some sessions for those interested. 

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